Is cancer a mould? And food the cure?

Hippocrates, the father of medicine said, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. Hippocrates probably knew something we don’t. But I will rephrase that. “Food is our medicine and our illnesses the food”. According to my theory:…


Hippocrates, the father of medicine said, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. Hippocrates probably knew something we don’t.
But I will rephrase that. “Food is our medicine and our illnesses the food”.
According to my theory: “Our fork is our weapon against cancer and other diseases”.
What is the source behind mold starting to develop?
Mold is a type of fungus that needs the right amount of moisture and humidity to grow. At 50% relative humidity it starts developing and at over 70% it thrives, able to build a new colony from just one of the millions of spores it releases. Mold also requires organic matter to feed, grow and reach this stage of sexual reproduction. Once these conditions have been met, more deadly spores are released into the environment in which we work, play and rest such that whole cycle can start all over again.
Some of the more exotic species of mold not only feed on dead matter but are able to take over the body of living organisms. Take for example, the Cordyceps fungus, a genus of ascomycete fungi that includes about 400 species. This fungus is able to infect and control small insects like ants, which once afflicted, become like zombies- suffering spasms and losing complete autonomous movement. The fungus then directs them to a humid environment were they die and allow millions of spores to grow and be released from their bodies.
Molds or funguses like the cordyceps have also diminished many other species like bats, rats, frogs, the moose and even the rattlesnake of America which has become an endangered species because of snake fungal disease.
If life on earth existed for millions of years what have we done the last decades and suddenly all these species become extinct or facing extinction? Could it be that the super molds, the monster aliens we created, feed on toxins and they have become super powerful? The perfect mold.
So, If these molds or funguses are able to attack any kind of plant and animal life, why would they spare the humans? Well I don’t think they do. I have been studying thousands of cancer images and mold images from microscopes. And the similarities are astounding.
My theory is that human involvement has not only made mold more widespread, but has caused the development of dangerous new strains. Toxic chemicals used in agriculture, and other industries have contributed to creating molds more powerful. In short, we have created a monster. The perfect mold. The alien which invades our bodies, feeds on our internal organs, and metastasizing within us like a typical mold would.

How to engage in a war with the aliens eating us alive?
First, stop them growing. We must build healthy homes and work buildings.
The next chapter is about fortifying our bodies from invasion and killing the aliens already within.
But as Hippocrates said:
“To heal a sick body and mind I ask first if they are prepared to make sacrifices and are ready to forfeit of the foods that make them sick”.
This project has much personal significance. Until recently I had been suffering from quite a few illnesses due to my exposure to mold. I have eaten molds with my food, lived and worked with mold, taken mold as a medicine and been injected with many different types of molds. So, I am choking with mold.

Pharmacy or Farmacy?
I have started a war against them. My strategy is simple. First, I starve the molds to weaken them and then I attack them. I am winning the battle. I feel so much better, body and mind, and many of my chronic problems have disappeared. Most of my chronic illness have disappeared and my prostate cancer PSA level is almost down to normal.

What food do molds love to eat other than our organs, flesh and brains?
Other molds.
Cheese and milk products.
Medicine of any short.
Any nuts out of their shell.
Just look carefully at some of the nuts and you will see the mold on them like my last bag of Brazilian nuts.
Dried fruit. .
Coffee and tea.
Full of toxins. Or molds.
Processed meats?
Farmed (Wild) fish or ‘pharmed’ (Aquaculture) fish?
Well, pharmed fish are full of molds.

The weapon arsenal
Maybe I create a quote here.
But now that I am starving the aliens in my body by not feeding them the food that they love, how do I attack them?
REMEMBER: Farmacy not pharmacy is the magic word.
The big Arsenal in my kitchen cupboard are the natural enemies of the aliens or molds and I have them every day.
 Raw garlic
 Turmeric
 Ginger
 Raw honey
 Extra virgin olive oil
 Essential oils
 Baking soda

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