Hellow Festival 2018 — Official After Movie

Mayhem Media DIRECTOR / PRODUCER Juan Pablo Celis EDITOR Marcela Arizpe SOUND MIXER Marcelo Martínez CAMERA OPERATORS Ricardo Barrera Raziel Zúñiga Ramiro Garza BOOM OPERATOR Erik Garza DRONE OPERATOR Stefan Berlanga PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Eva Sabato Gabby Menchaca

The Guess Who – Rain Dance (1971)

One of my favorite bands from high school and shortly thereafter, yet my first video of their music. Probably not the first song that comes to mind when thinking of The Guess Who, but “Rain Dance” and “Albert Flasher” were…

The Guess Who – Broken (1971)

Nothing brings the past alive more vividly or with stronger feeling than the forgotten oldie. That’s the song you loved that your local radio station played a hundred times until you knew every bar and word by heart and then…